About Legal Fees

In my legal practice, I use a variety of fee arrangements.

Flat Fees. This is the simplest type of attorney fee agreement, which simply uses a fixed or flat fee for a particular service. This is often used for services such as preparation of a will, or in bankruptcy cases

Contingent Fee Agreements. Like the man on T.V. says, if the fee is contingent, no attorney fees are charged “we recover money for you.” This type of agreement is used in Social Security Disability cases, as well as personal injury or workers’ compensation claims. The fee is usually based on a percentage: in Social Security and Workers’ Compensation cases, the fee must be approved by the Judge who heard the case.

Hourly. An hourly fee is based on the time spent by the attorney in connection with the case. The hourly rate includes the attorney’s overhead, as well as profit. Typically, an hourly fee agreement will include a retainer, which is a sum of money paid in advance. The retainer secures the attorney’s services, and is applied to the hourly charges. If the retainer is used up, the client is then billed for any additional work on the case. Hourly fees are used in many types of cases, where it is not possible to know in advance how much work is involved. Examples include Divorce, Child Custody and Criminal cases.

Legal Plans. I participate in the Hyatt Legal Plans. Clients who are members of these plans do not need to pay any attorney fees, for services which are covered under their plan. I also accept clients from several employee assistance plans, which typically provide for a free consultation and a 25% discount on other services.

Payment Arrangements My goal is to provide affordable legal services. Depending on the type of case, I may agree to accept payments on the fees. If payment arrangements are made, I ask that the client keep them, or at least keep me informed about any problems they are having. I don’t want to become a debt collector!

Consultations. I charge for consultations, unless it is a case such as Social Security, where I use a contingent fee arrangement. Why Do I do this?  Why Lawyers Charge for a Consultation

I accept PayPal, for existing clients who wish to use a credit card: PayPal