Act 91

The Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (known as HEMAP, or Act 91) provides loans to homeowners who can show that:

  • They are behind on their mortgage through no fault of their own; and
  • There is a reasonable likelihood that they will be able to resume full mortgage payments within either 24 or 36 months (the length of time depends on the state unemployment rate).

HEMAP can provide a loan, used to bring their mortgage payments current. Homeowners, depending on their circumstances, may also be eligible to receive financial assistance with their monthly mortgage payment for up to 24/36 months from the date the mortgage became delinquent.

There are some strict time limits involved in applying for this assistance: these are explained in the Notice the Bank sends to the homeowner: in general, you must meet with a consumer credit counseling agency within 33 days of the date of the notice. A list of agencies for each county in Pennsylvania is available on the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Website: PHFA. These agencies are not necessarily the same as bankruptcy credit counseling agencies.

HEMAP loans are secured by a second mortgage on the home. The payment on these loans is based on the homeowner’s net monthly income, with a minimum payment of $25.00.


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