Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

There are two types of credit counseling which are required in Bankruptcy.

Before a bankruptcy petition may be filed, a consumer counseling session must be held, with an approved credit counseling agency. They will issue a certificate, which is good for 6 months. You should tell them the correct Bankruptcy Court District – ask your attorney if you are not sure about this. Blair, Bedford, and Cambria Counties are in the Western District of Pennsylvania; Huntingdon and Centre Counties are in the Middle District.

I recommend the following:, Online $9.99, Online $14.95, Online, $14.95.
Advantage Credit Counseling
In person, Telephone or online $25.00 – call 866-699-2227

After a Bankruptcy Petition is filed, a financial management course (Debtor Education) must be completed. This must be done no later than 60 days after the date of the first meeting of creditors in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or by the completion of the Plan in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I recommend the following providers: ($7.95) ($7.95) ($9.95)

Advantage Credit Counseling, located in Altoona, offers an in person course ($25.00, call 866-699-2227)

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