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On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act was signed into law. The Act decriminalizes the possession of marijuana, when a registered practitioner (a Doctor, who has been approved by the Commonwealth) certifies that it is necessary to treat certain serious medical conditions. At the present time (April, 2017), there are no certified practitioners, and […]

Do I Need to Get A Child Custody Order?

Some child custody cases are highly contentious: from day one, the parents, and their lawyers, are fighting over every issue. Fortunately, in many cases, the parents are able to agree on the major issues. Although this can remain an informal understanding, there are some good reasons why both parents, and the children, will benefit from […]

Grandparents in Child Custody Cases

Grandparent Visitation In Pennsylvania, grandparent visitation can be ordered where the grandparent when one of the child’s parents is deceased, where the parents are separated, or when the child had previously lived with the grandparent for a period of at least 12 consecutive months. As in any custody case, the grandparent must show that visitation […]

Parent and Father’s Rights

Many clients ask their attorney questions such as what are a father’s rights in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania child custody law is gender-neutral – mothers and fathers have the same rights to seek custody. In general terms, any parent has the right to maintain their bond with a child. Fathers have some special concerns, including establishing paternity, […]

How are Child Custody Cases decided in Pennsylvania Courts?

Although the final decision in any custody case is made by a Judge, almost every county has some preliminary process, which varies from county to county. In Blair County, the parties initially meet with an intake worker from the child custody office. If no agreement is reached, a conference is scheduled with a mediator, who […]

Joint Or Shared Child Custody

Child Custody Terminology Child Custody law in Pennsylvania uses terms in particular ways, which have importance when a custody order or agreement is being drafted. One important distinction is the difference between physical and legal custody. Legal Custody is the right, and the responsibility to make decisions for the child, and to receive information from […]

What To Do If You Are Denied Visitation With Your Child

Visitation, including partial or shared custody, is the means by which the absent parent stays involved in their children’s lives. Make Sure That You Have a Child Custody Order There isn’t much you can do to enforce your rights, unless you have a court order. It is fairly easy to obtain one, particularly if the […]


How is Paternity established in Pennsylvania? Paternity is the means by which legal fatherhood is determined. There are both rights and responsibilities that flow from this decision. Individual situations vary: this outline is not a substitute for seeking advice from an experience paternity lawyer. For unmarried persons, paternity may be established in two ways, either […]


Domestic Violence Resources In Pennsylvania There is a wealth of resources available in Pennsylvania for victims of domestic violence. A good place to start is the website of the Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence: They have a directory of local programs, and a hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). In Blair County, there is a local shelter, […]

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want in a Family Law Case?

In Family Law cases, particularly those involving Divorce or Child Custody, clients often seek out one of two styles of representation. There is the aggressive, take no prisoners approach,symbolized here by the shark – a lawyer with sharp teeth, aimed at the former spouse. Other clients, with less appetite for battle, prefer an attorney who […]