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What To Do About Debt Problems

Having debt is as American as apple pie, but too much debt can create stress, and lead to many problems: Collection Calls, Lawsuits, etc. If you need help with debt problems, the best advice is to sit down with an experienced attorney to review your options. Its Only Money This may seem obvious, but understand […]

Debt Collection Scams

Debt collection scams are on the rise. How can you tell if the person calling you is legitimate? The following are some sure signs that the caller is a scam. He is threatening you with jail, or sending someone with a warrant, unless an immediate payment is made. The debt collector won’t identify himself: a […]

What To Do If You Are Faced With a Sheriff’s Sale

Being faced with a Sheriff’s Sale can be a frightening experience. The Sheriff, or a constable, has just stopped by, inventoried everything you own, and given you a notice that things are being sold. Even worse, you may receive a Notice that your Home is being sold at a Foreclosure Sale. What can you Do? […]

Fake Debt Collectors

The Federal Trade Commission recently shut down a network of fake debt collectors. These companies would falsely claim to be collecting on payday loan debts, when in fact they had no authority to collect the debts. they would threaten lawsuits, or criminal prosecution. In many cases, people made payments just to end the harassment. […]

Mortgage Foreclosure Court

Mortgage Foreclosure Court is a special process which is available in Blair County. The purpose is to allow the homeowner, along with their attorney, an opportunity to meet with the bank’s attorney, in order to see if an agreement can be reached to avoid foreclosure. To be eligible for this program, an affidavit must be […]

Large verdict awarded for malicious debt collection

A jury in Missouri awarded a woman nearly $83 Million Dollars for malicious prosecution, and violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The jury found that Portfolio Recovery Associates had maliciously sued her for a credit card bill she didn’t owe. The bill was actually owed by someone with a similar name. Verdicts […]

Beware of the Debt Settlement Trap

Creditors, particularly when trying to collect older credit card accounts that are in default, will often offer to accept less than the full amount, in exchange for prompt payment. But you should understand some of the risks of doing this Debt Cancellation May Affect Your Income Taxes. When a debt is cancelled, entirely, or partially, […]

What To Do If You Are Facing Mortgage Foreclosure

Being served with a mortgage foreclosure complaint can be a frightening moment. The most important thing which you can do is to sit down with an experienced Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney, to review your options. What Is Foreclosure? In Pennsylvania, mortgage foreclosure is the process by which a lender takes back real estate, in order to […]


It’s an all too familiar situation. Credit Card debts build up over time. The attractive introductory interest rate expired long ago, and the interest rate is now over 20%. Debt problems can seem overwhelming – but there are a number of ways to eliminate the debt. Bankruptcy I know – no one seems to like […]


For Most Debts, Wages Cannot be Garnished in Pennsylvania. Wage garnishment is a process by which someone’s wages are taken (attached) in order to pay for a debt or court judgment. Pennsylvania is unusual, compared to other states, in the protections it offers against wage garnishment. For most debts – including credit card debts, and […]