Parent and Father’s Rights

Many clients ask their attorney questions such as what are a father’s rights in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania child custody law is gender-neutral – mothers and fathers have the same rights to seek custody. In general terms, any parent has the right to maintain their bond with a child.

Fathers have some special concerns, including establishing paternity, denial of visitation, and payment of child support.

Can Custody Be Shared?

Pennsylvania Child Custody Law distinguishes between legal custody, and physical custody.

Shared legal custody is often awarded; this gives each parent the right to receive information from doctors, or schools, and the right to participate in important decisions about the child.

There are a variety of arrangements which can be used to share time with the child. Some cases involve a traditional schedule, with one parent having the child during the week, and the other having alternate weekends. Longer periods of time are often included during the summer months. Holidays are either shared, or alternated. What will work in an individual case depends on the parents’ work schedules, and the child’s schedule.

In a growing number of cases, physical custody can be shared, either by alternating weeks, or some other arrangement.

Do I Need a Father’s Rights Attorney?

Most Family Lawyers represent both men and women; there is really no benefit in having an attorney who specializes in representing mothers or fathers. What is important is that you find an attorney you are comfortable with.


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