Divorce Agreements

The most common method of settling a Divorce case is through a property settlement agreement. The agreement will typically resolve issues such as distribution of property, spousal support and alimony. Other issues, such as child custody, can be included in the agreement as well.

Before signing any agreement, be certain that you understand it. Even if the Divorce is uncontested, getting advice about divorce laws, and your legal rights is worth doing. Before signing any paperwork, you should consider obtaining a consultation with a Divorce lawyer.

Your Divorce attorney will want to prepare, or review the agreement carefully. With a few, narrow exceptions, these agreements are final: both parties are bound by what is in the agreement. Child Custody and Child Support are exceptions: these agreements can always be modified.

The fact that the agreement is final is one of the benefits of an agreement: it serves as protection against any future claims by your spouse.

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