Family Law

Legal problems affecting the family can be emotionally difficult. Many situations can be handled in a way that does not destroy the people involved. There are times, however, when it is necessary to stand up for your rights. That is when you need a competent and experienced family lawyer.

A Family Law Attorney will work with you to protect your rights, and secure a fair outcome. What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want in a Family Law Case?

Family Law is the area of law affecting family relationships. The most common areas which family law lawyers deal with are include Divorce  and Child Custody.

Child Support cases are handled separately from custody or visitation issues. Support is primarily a financial calculation, based on the needs of the child, and each parent’s ability to pay. This is different from the Child Custody standard, which is based on the best interests of the child.

Adoption involves the creation of a new family relationship. Many adoptions involve step-parents, or grandparents who have been caring for the child for a significant period of time. Other cases involve children who have been placed with the adoptive parents though an agency. An adoption attorney is responsible for doing the legal work surrounding the adoption.

A name change can be obtained by filing a petition in court. A woman can retake her maiden or former name, by filing a simple notice, after a Divorce action has begun, or after the death of her spouse.

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