Do I need a lawyer for my social security case?

Although it is possible to file on your own, you should be aware that many social security disability claims are denied initially. It is often necessary to file appeals, gather medical evidence, and attend hearings. A disability lawyer can often make an impact on getting a successful result in your social security appeal.

What a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Do For You

A social security disability lawyer will assist you in obtaining the medical information needed to support your claim, and submitting this information to Social Security. When a hearing is held, the attorney will help prepare you, and any witnesses for the hearing, and then present your case to the Administrative Law Judge.

An attorney can also help to file the initial claim, obtaining supporting documentation. If you are denied benefits, an appeal can be filed with Social Security, or in federal court.

What Fees does a Social Security Lawyer Charge?

Most lawyers charge a contingent fee, based on 25% of back benefits: this means that you do not owe any attorney fees unless you win your case. Fees charged for representation in Social Security or SSI cases are regulated by the Social Security Administration. In most cases, after they approve the fee, it is paid directly to the attorney from the back benefits.

How Can I Find a Social Security Attorney?

I’ll recommend myself to anyone needing a Social Security Lawyer in my local area. My office is in Duncansville, PA., and I practice in Blair County, along with the neighboring counties including Huntingdon, Bedford, Cambria and Centre.

The National Association of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives has a referral service. You may call NOSSCR at 1-800-431-2804 during regular Eastern Standard Time business hours.

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  • Nash Rich says:

    I don’t know much about disability social security, so this was helpful. I thought it was interesting that this kind of lawyer can help you get the medical information you need for your case. I have no idea how I would do something like that if I were in a situation like this, so it’s good there are professionals that can help you.

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