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It’s an all too familiar situation. Credit Card debts build up over time. The attractive introductory interest rate expired long ago, and the interest rate is now over 20%. Debt problems can seem overwhelming – but there are a number of ways to eliminate the debt. Bankruptcy I know – no one seems to like […]

Why Bankruptcy Paperwork is Important

Bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork. To file a case, a large pile of forms must be completed. Most attorneys begin by giving their clients a worksheet to fill out. Then the official bankruptcy forms are completed, proofread, corrected, and eventually filed. Some of the forms seem fairly easy to understand on their face. In […]

Do I Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Can Bankruptcy be Filed without a Lawyer? The short answer is yes: individuals can file on their own, or use a non-attorney bankruptcy preparer to help with the paperwork. There are risks involved with the do it yourself approach. What a Bankruptcy Attorney Does Most individuals, and many lawyers, do not understand the ins and […]