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Mortgage Foreclosure Court

Mortgage Foreclosure Court is a special process which is available in Blair County. The purpose is to allow the homeowner, along with their attorney, an opportunity to meet with the bank’s attorney, in order to see if an agreement can be reached to avoid foreclosure. To be eligible for this program, an affidavit must be […]

ARD in Pennsylvania Criminal Cases

What is ARD? ARD stands for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. It is a program for first offenders in non-violent crimes. The unique feature of ARD is that no guilty plea or conviction is required: a person enters into the program before trial, and if the program is completed, they will earn a dismissal of the charges. […]

Can I Keep My Home If I File Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

The short answer to this question is that most persons who file a Bankruptcy Petition will be able to keep their home. Exempting a Home in Bankruptcy In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the Debtor gets to keep property that is “exempt.” This property is still subject to any mortgages, or other valid liens. Some liens, […]

Credit Card Court in Blair County, Pennsylvania

In Blair County Pennsylvania, the Court normally schedules credit card lawsuits for what we call credit card court. This is designed as an informal session where the parties can try to work out a settlement. When Will A Case Be Sent To Credit Card Court? Shortly after a lawsuit is served, the Blair County Court will issue […]