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Tax Concerns In Divorce

Should Separated Couples File a Joint Return In many situations, it is advantageous for married couples to file a joint return. Married filing separately is often the least favorable tax status to have. Even after separation, it is possible for married persons to file a joint return, so long as they were not divorced before […]

Custody and Child Support in Pennsylvania

When parents of minor children are separated, there are usually questions about Custody and Child Support. Although connected in most parent’s minds, the legal issues involved are not the same. For that reason, in almost all Pennsylvania Courts, including Blair County (where I practice) custody and child support cases are handled separately. There are some […]

Frequently asked Questions About Child Support in Pennsylvania

1. How Can I File for Support? Each County in Pennsylvania has a Domestic Relations Office. In Blair County, it is located on the third floor of the new addition to the Courthouse. An online locator is available to find your county’s¬†Domestic Relations Office. One of the first things a custodial parent should do when […]