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What To Do About Debt Problems

Having debt is as American as apple pie, but too much debt can create stress, and lead to many problems: Collection Calls, Lawsuits, etc. If you need help with debt problems, the best advice is to sit down with an experienced attorney to review your options. Its Only Money This may seem obvious, but understand […]

What To Do If You Are Faced With a Sheriff’s Sale

Being faced with a Sheriff’s Sale can be a frightening experience. The Sheriff, or a constable, has just stopped by, inventoried everything you own, and given you a notice that things are being sold. Even worse, you may receive a Notice that your Home is being sold at a Foreclosure Sale. What can you Do? […]


It’s an all too familiar situation. Credit Card debts build up over time. The attractive introductory interest rate expired long ago, and the interest rate is now over 20%. Debt problems can seem overwhelming – but there are a number of ways to eliminate the debt. Bankruptcy I know – no one seems to like […]

Credit Card Court in Blair County, Pennsylvania

In Blair County Pennsylvania, the Court normally schedules credit card lawsuits for what we call credit card court. This is designed as an informal session where the parties can try to work out a settlement. When Will A Case Be Sent To Credit Card Court? Shortly after a lawsuit is served, the Blair County Court will issue […]