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Who Gets To Stay In The Home Until The Divorce Is Final?

When a couple separates, one of the first questions is who will stay, and who will leave the marital home. Sometimes both will stay: this is rarely a good long-term solution, although there are some situations where it makes economic sense to do this. Ideally, the parties would come to an understanding about this, and […]

Division of Property in a Pennsylvania Divorce

If I get divorced, will I automatically get half of the property? In my house, if there is one piece of pie left, and two people who want it, we cut it down the middle. The Pennsylvania Divorce Code isn’t so simple: property is divided on the basis of “equitable” distribution. Equitable is a lawyer’s […]

Can Property Owned by One spouse be Divided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

Marital Property in Pennsylvania In a Pennsylvania Divorce, marital property is defined as anything of value, which was acquired between the date of the marriage and the date of separation. Whose name is on the property doesn’t matter for this purpose. Marital property includes things such as a home, vehicle, bank accounts, furniture, and pension […]