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Parent and Father’s Rights

Many clients ask their attorney questions such as what are a father’s rights in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania child custody law is gender-neutral – mothers and fathers have the same rights to seek custody. In general terms, any parent has the right to maintain their bond with a child. Fathers have some special concerns, including establishing paternity, […]

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want in a Family Law Case?

In Family Law cases, particularly those involving Divorce or Child Custody, clients often seek out one of two styles of representation. There is the aggressive, take no prisoners approach,symbolized here by the shark – a lawyer with sharp teeth, aimed at the former spouse. Other clients, with less appetite for battle, prefer an attorney who […]

Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania

At one time, grounds for Divorce were very important – getting a Divorce was about proving that you had good reasons for ending your marriage. Pennsylvania’s Divorce Law has a long history. Originally, a Divorce could be obtained only on fault grounds. In general, this meant that a person had to prove that their spouse […]

How to Adopt in Pennsylvania

Where do people find children to adopt. The most common situation for adoption is within a family: the adopting parent is already related to the child as a step-parent, grandparent, etc. Persons who wish to adopt can also be matched with children who are in foster care, waiting for adoption. In Pennsylvania, there is a […]

Frequently asked Questions About Child Support in Pennsylvania

1. How Can I File for Support? Each County in Pennsylvania has a Domestic Relations Office. In Blair County, it is located on the third floor of the new addition to the Courthouse. An online locator is available to find your county’s¬†Domestic Relations Office. One of the first things a custodial parent should do when […]