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Parent and Father’s Rights

Many clients ask their attorney questions such as what are a father’s rights in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania child custody law is gender-neutral – mothers and fathers have the same rights to seek custody. In general terms, any parent has the right to maintain their bond with a child. Fathers have some special concerns, including establishing paternity, […]

What To Do If You Are Denied Visitation With Your Child

Visitation, including partial or shared custody, is the means by which the absent parent stays involved in their children’s lives. Make Sure That You Have a Child Custody Order There isn’t much you can do to enforce your rights, unless you have a court order. It is fairly easy to obtain one, particularly if the […]


How is Paternity established in Pennsylvania? Paternity is the means by which legal fatherhood is determined. There are both rights and responsibilities that flow from this decision. Individual situations vary: this outline is not a substitute for seeking advice from an experience paternity lawyer. For unmarried persons, paternity may be established in two ways, either […]