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Fake Debt Collectors

The Federal Trade Commission recently shut down a network of fake debt collectors. ftc.gov These companies would falsely claim to be collecting on payday loan debts, when in fact they had no authority to collect the debts. they would threaten lawsuits, or criminal prosecution. In many cases, people made payments just to end the harassment. […]

Harassed by Debt Collectors?

What a Debt Collector Can and Can Not Do Debt collectors are regulated by both the state and federal law. Without attempting to sort out the differences between these protections, I will make some general comments about what can and can not be done, from the point of view of a Pennsylvania lawyer. What a […]

What does a Bankruptcy Discharge do?

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge? In most bankruptcy cases, the primary goal is a discharge. The Discharge is the fresh start the debtor gets from a successful filing. This means that the debtor is no longer personally liable for these debts. What Debts will be Discharged in Bankruptcy? The general rule is that all debts […]