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Defending Mortgage Foreclosure in Pennsylvania

Being faced with a mortgage foreclosure, and the possible loss of a home, is a difficult experience. There are a number of options for someone who wants to defend against this. The process begins with a formal notice from the bank, sent by certified mail. If no response is made in 30 days, the bank […]

Custody and Child Support in Pennsylvania

When parents of minor children are separated, there are usually questions about Custody and Child Support. Although connected in most parent’s minds, the legal issues involved are not the same. For that reason, in almost all Pennsylvania Courts, including Blair County (where I practice) custody and child support cases are handled separately. There are some […]

Can Property Owned by One spouse be Divided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

Marital Property in Pennsylvania In a Pennsylvania Divorce, marital property is defined as anything of value, which was acquired between the date of the marriage and the date of separation. Whose name is on the property doesn’t matter for this purpose. Marital property includes things such as a home, vehicle, bank accounts, furniture, and pension […]

Can I Get Full Custody In Pennsylvania

What is Full Custody? The term “full custody” means different things to different persons. In Pennsylvania we distinguish between legal custody (the right to receive information, and make decisions about school, medical treatment, etc.) and physical custody (where the child spends his or her time). It would be very rare for one parent to have […]