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Pennsylvania’s No Fault Divorce Law Has Changed

The Pennsylvania legislature has changed the no fault divorce law. The waiting period for a unilateral divorce was reduced from two to one year. Act 102 of 2016 was signed by the Governor on October 4, 2016, effective in 60 days – December 3, 2016. The new law applies only to periods of separation which […]

Divorce Agreements

The most common method of settling a Divorce case is through a property settlement agreement. The agreement will typically resolve issues such as distribution of property, spousal support and alimony. Other issues, such as child custody, can be included in the agreement as well. Before signing any agreement, be certain that you understand it. Even […]

Who Gets To Stay In The Home Until The Divorce Is Final?

When a couple separates, one of the first questions is who will stay, and who will leave the marital home. Sometimes both will stay: this is rarely a good long-term solution, although there are some situations where it makes economic sense to do this. Ideally, the parties would come to an understanding about this, and […]

Annulment in Pennsylvania

What is the Difference between a Divorce and an Annulment in Pennsylvania? An annulment is a declaration by a Court that a marriage never existed – it was never valid. Divorce makes the opposite assumption: the marriage was valid, but should now be terminated. What are the Grounds for Annulment in Pennsylvania The grounds for […]


In Pennsylvania, unlike many other states, it is not necessary to obtain a court order to become legally separated. In fact, it is possible to obtain a Divorce without ever separating. For most couples, separation occurs when one of them moves out and establishes a separate home. In some cases, particularly when financial reasons make […]

Division of Property in a Pennsylvania Divorce

If I get divorced, will I automatically get half of the property? In my house, if there is one piece of pie left, and two people who want it, we cut it down the middle. The Pennsylvania Divorce Code isn’t so simple: property is divided on the basis of “equitable” distribution. Equitable is a lawyer’s […]